People Around the Globe Are Talking About Nat’l Geographic Doc ‘LA 92’

A full house in Charlotte for the advance screening at Studio Movie Grill on April 23, 2017. Photo credit: Christian Demar for National Geographic
A full house in Charlotte for the advance screening at Studio Movie Grill on April 23, 2017. Used by permission. Photo credit: Chris Mitchell

(NEW YORK) For the past week, National Geographic has toured several cities across the country screening the new documentary “LA 92” and driving conversations around the provocative film ahead of its broadcast premiere on Sunday, April 30 at 9/8c. 

Audiences filled theaters at screenings in Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago and New York (the final stop – St. Louis – is tomorrow) and took to social media to share passionate reactions to LA 92’s rare and intense look at the Los Angeles Riots that took place 25 years ago following the Rodney King verdict.
The tour kicked off in Baltimore, three days shy of the two-year anniversary of the death of Freddie Gray. University of Baltimore associate professor Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan welcomed attendees to the Baltimore screening on campus in the H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons, where the post-screening Q&A took place with “LA 92” directors Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin and moderator Jamal Simmons (on-air political analyst). 

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Woman Claims Her Fitbit Exploded, Burned Her


*Wearable tech is increasingly popular these days.  You’ve seen them: those electronic devices strapped to wrists that allegedly guide users to better health and fitness.  They’re supposed to help you, not hurt you, right?  

Dina Mitchell claims she was wearing her Fitbit Flex 2 device when it spontaneously exploded, leaving her with second-degree burns on her wrist.

“It didn’t heat up at first, there was no warning, it just, it burst into flames.  It exploded,” she said.

Mitchell received treatment at an urgent care facility, where a doctor removed pieces of rubber and plastic from her arm! Continue reading

Forget Snakes On A Plane. Sssome Ssseats Are Sssafer Than Others, New Ssstudy Ssshows

isometric airplane and inside details - illustration
isometric airplane and inside details – illustration

*If a new study is to be believed, Samuel Jackson had more to worry about that just a few snakes on his plane.

sam jackson drops f bomb snl

A recent study analyzed data from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for every commercial plane crash since 1971 that had both survivors and fatalities, and for which a detailed seating chart was accessible.  They’ve determined that some seats, or at least sections of the plane, are safer than others.

And from the looks of their findings, I will be changing my seat on my next flight.

Are you ready for this?

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Ever Wonder Exactly ‘Why’ You Didn’t Get That Job?


*Nailed it! This was your response when your friends asked how you did on the interview for the job you’d been so excited about. You had talked about it all week, and finally, the day came. You looked good, too! Hair done — nails conservatively short and painted neutral — not your usual outlandish purple with black dots. You even managed to wear a knee-length skirt, a real shocker to your friends who never even saw your legs before!

But then you get a call from the agency that referred you to the job, and you hear those dreaded words: “They decided to go with someone else.”

No, not again, you scream!

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Dozens of Juveniles ‘Take Over’ Oakland BART Train, Rob Riders


*Just as the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system works to install more security cameras on its trains, a group of juveniles decided to make it an opportunity to unite and rob unsuspecting riders. The incident occurred last Saturday.

According to Yahoo News, spokeswoman Alicia Trost told Business Insider at least seven robberies took place when suspects, who police believe were several dozen juveniles, dashed on and off the train at the Oakland Coliseum station. Some suspects allegedly held the doors while some train cars were being robbed, police said. Continue reading

This Is Nuts…Literally! Woman Uses Boyfriend’s Balls As Makeup Applicator (Watch)

Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!
Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!

*Oh the things some people do. SMH. Please don’t tell my mama I’m sharing something this crass with you, and please don’t judge the messenger! In fact, my mouth is still agape (Oops! Please don’t read more into that little admission than was meant!) But my goodness, what on earth could have made this woman even THINK to do this? 

Stay with me as I explore the possibilities…

Hmm…this darn makeup brush is no longer working. Whatever shall I use?


Honey, can you c’mere for a sec? I wanna try something?

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Murder-Suicide At Dallas Office Tower Leaves Police Scratching Their Heads


*This story is still unfolding, but its very troubling even with the little we know. So far police suspect that the bodies of a male and female found inside of a meeting room at a Dallas office building was that of a subordinate and his boss. Police are alleging that the man was the employee, and that he shot and killed the woman, his supervisor, before turning the gun on himself.

Police had been alerted to an active shooter situation at approximately 10:45 a.m. Monday morning in a building near I-635 and U.S. 75, according to what Dallas police assistant chief, Randy Blankenbaker, told attendees at a news conference Monday afternoon. Continue reading

This Four-Year-Old Boy Is The Seventh Child To ‘Overdose’ In This Wisconsin County

Tyranne Beckless

*By now we are so used to hearing about adults overdosing on Oxycontin or heroin. But I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my brain around this happening to a child. Yet is has, and apparently seven times…

…to a child under the age of five. WTF?

According to Inside Edition 4-year old Tyranne Beckless was found unresponsive in his Milwaukee home last Saturday; and although two people, the kid’s parents, have yet to be identified, they have been arrested but not charged with anything. Continue reading

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